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Captain Alex "Waldo" Hampton
US NAVY Commander

Carrier Air Wing SEVEN

Lt. Donovan Boone sharing wisdom "Always be your best. Be willing to go the extra step to learn and to stretch. People will always help you." 

Words will never describe the feelings on 20 May 2023, to witness the arrival of the two  F/A 18 Super Hornets arrive at the UPS Distribution Hub for the 5th STEM FLY-IN.  To witness, Captain Hampton and Lt. Boone exit their aircrafts and be greeted by smiles and handclaps, was an honor as they ascended from the cockpits.

Thanks to community partners, Jimmy John’s Brier Creek, Pepsi Bottling Ventures for Aquafina and Gatorade, Wegmans for cookies, Krispy Kreme Durham, and Elegance Catering for their support. 


Gracious support and involvement from our RDU-Airport Authority that includes Police, TSA, Emergency Fire and Rescue, and the many UPS employee volunteers who, each year, make the    FLY-INS a success!


Special shout out of thanks Smart Alec Productions. The photos and video presentations will be coming soon to the website and promise to be breathtaking.


It is critical for us to continue exposing young people to STEAM activities that will expand their minds! As adults, WE MUST prioritize what is important and help our youth prepare for life.  Captain Hampton describes the process to become a F/A 18 aviator.

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