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Making Differences In Lives


I Am My Brother's Keeper

Whether spoken in French, Hindi, Afrikaans, Spanish, Chinese, or English we are our brother's keeper. Worldwide our family is almost 7 billion. Over 5 billion live in Asia and Africa. Within these two continents are the largest population of people living with HIV AIDS. Over 2.5 million people worldwide do not have access to toilets. One out of every 7 people don't have access to clean water. This is the world we all live in. GHCI is helping by developing the next cadre of global health professionals who will combat these disparities so we all can have a brighter future. This makes the world a better place for all of us. When we all do our part, then holding up one another is not heavy because we're brothers. Help GHCI Make Differences in Lives!

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F18 Super Hornet

               SATURDAY MAY 20, 2023


10 AM - Raleigh Durham Airport

We’ve partnered with Gameflo, a black-owned gaming company, to get their amazing new basketball card game into our community! Check out the game and share with others!

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Duke Energy Foundation Backpack Giveaway

We would like to thank the Duke Energy Foundation for its support of GHCI. With the Duke Energy Foundation, we were able to provide James E Shepard Middle School Students with backpacks and supplies for the upcoming school year. We would also like to thank the Duke Energy Foundation for its generous support of our Looking Forward with STEAM program at James E. Shepard I.B. Middle School, as well as, ongoing  Summer STEAM Camps.

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International Civil Rights Center & Museum

GHCI STEAM campers were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, this building formerly housed Woolworth's Department Store. On Feb 1st, 1960, this site birthed the Sit-In movement which changed the course of history. By having a deeper understanding of black history and civil rights, our campers will more deeply understand their roots, while also showing that they will be the pioneers of the future.

Cooking with STEAM

When some people think about cooking, seldom do they think that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) play a role. Our Summer STEAM Camp attendees learned that cooking requires: reading and comprehension, teamwork, a deeper understanding of mathematics, while also requiring an artistic touch. The students were tasked with creating a Gourmet Belgian Waffle recipe. Through this activity, students were also able to gain a deeper understanding of the Engineering Design Process as well as a deeper appreciation for cooking.​

GHCI STEAM Camp Community Day

Community Day is an extremely special day for GHCI! It is the day that we welcome our gracious Community Sponsors to the camp too see the impact that their generous donations are having in creating unique exposure opportunities for students. Our students were fortunate enough to receive invaluable industry knowledge & inspiring words of encouragement from Grammy Award-winning producer Terry Lewis and World-Renowned fashion designer Ricky Moore, the creator of Nyla Elise fashion brand.


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