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Global Health is more than medicine, it is the intersection of medical and social sciences with a borderless scope. From a medical perspective, Global Health addresses the pathology of diseases and promotes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The social science perspective, which includes field like economics, public policy, demography, epidemiology, and sociology, addresses the determinants and distribution of health worldwide. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), the world faces a shortage of 4.3 million health professionals required for delivering essential health care services to populations in need. GHCI's programs aim to supply the next cadre of Global Health professionals to meet the needs of this ever-increasing shortage.

LOOKING FORWARD with STEM is a tutoring and mentoring program that focuses on minority students in middle school who are learning the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) curriculum. Through interactive everyday activities, students begin to appreciate the value of reading comprehension, math fundamentals, process improvement, engineering design process, and teamwork. Our after- school activities are quite engaging. Students are learning math and science, in new ways that will hope spark a life-long interest in STEM. For more information about Looking Forward with STEM, click here.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER is GHCI's professional outreach program.  Black and Latino STEAM professionals, as well as students majoring in STEAM fields, reach back and connect with middle school students to discuss their STEAM career journeys. Our cohorts visit secondary schools, colleges and universities to connect with students and faculty to discuss their global experiences and learnings. For some, this will be an introduction to the importance of Following-Up Follow Through (FU-FT) on one's commitments to others. It is critical for students to understand oneself and core values of Integrity, Trustworthiness, Courage and Honesty (I.T.C.H.) These connections will result in lasting professional networks as we develop the next cadre of students committed to Making Differences In Lives. For more information about Knowledge Is Power, click here.

SUMMER STEAM CAMP is a two - week residential camp for 48 rising middle school students from 12 North Carolina counties. Campers participate in interactive, inquiry-based classes taught by professors, secondary school teachers and STEM educators.  Students learn dining etiquette,  why it is important to Remain on Task (R.O.T.), need for Consistency Over Time (C.O.T.), and learning effective teamwork skills through camp activities. The hallmark tenet of our camp is  the STEM based triadic learning framework, which includes shadowing and modeling medical and dental students, collegiate collaborative circuit tours, and classroom interactive engagement. Check out prior SSC click here.

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