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Staying Connected

Staying Connected is GHCI's Student Ambassadors Program. Staying Connected recruits minority students to share their global health knowledge and internship experiences. As GHCI Ambassadors, the students visit colleges and universities to connect with students and faculty to discuss their academic knowledge, professional experiences, and global health internships from traveling abroad.

A major goal of Staying Connected is to develop the pool of interested and qualified minority students, who seek global health internships and/or global service learning opportunities. GHCI's Ambassadors stay connected by building relationships and sharing their global experiences with other global health scholars and interns. These wonderful connections and others with future Ambassadors, will result in lasting professional networks to develop and nurture the next cadre of global health professionals committed to Making Differences In Lives. (click pictures to read about Ambassadors)

I'm Danielle Barber

I'm Warche Downing

I'm Erica Harding

I'm Jasmine Hill

I'm another title

I'm Emily Littlejohn

I'm Tyneshia Henry

I'm Cameron Horne

I'm Charina Spurgeon

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