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Staying Connected  is GHCI's professional outreach program.  Black and Latino STEAM professionals, as well as students majoring in STEAM fields, reach back and connect with middle school students to discuss their STEAM career journeys. Our cohorts visit secondary schools, colleges, and universities to share with students and faculty, their global experiences and learning. This will be a critical introduction to the importance of Following-Up Follow Through (FU-FT) on one's commitments to others. It is critical for students to understand their own core values of Integrity, Trustworthiness, Courage and Honesty (I.T.C.H.) These connections will result in lasting professional networks as we develop the next cadre of students committed to Making Differences In Lives. To Learn more click here

I'm Danielle Barber

I'm Warche Downing

I'm Erica Harding

I'm Jasmine Hill

I'm another title

I'm Emily Littlejohn

I'm Tyneshia Henry

I'm Cameron Horne

I'm Charina Spurgeon

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