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Comments from Parents:


Thank you so much. One, my daughter has never willingly hugged me and that happened. Two, she has been talking non-stop,   and she rarely socializes outside of the classroom or tells me about what she's doing. She loved working with the other students,   students who took initiative like her, and even asked what it would take to be a junior camper. She's told me about the food, the   water, the gym, and she's continuing those habits with me these last two days. I look forward to seeing what happens in the   coming weeks. Again, thank you for all you do and did. It was a blessing.


 Hello All,

 Many, many thanks to you all for such an outstanding program!!.  Even now, my son is continuing to share his experiences with friends   and family about his camp adventures.  I'm enjoying reading through his journal. 


 GHCI Team,

 We  just wanted to take the time to shout THANK YOU!! to all involved in the entire production of the residential STEAM CAMP 2018 at   NCCU. Our family's experience with your program was AMAZING, and we'll never forget it! You've truly left an impact not only on our son   who was one of your campers, but our family as well. So POSITIVE, so STRONG, so SUPPORTIVE, so DEVOTED. It was truly an honor for   our son to be able to have been selected as one of your campers! Thanks for reaching out.. From the recruiting flyer you sent out,   establishing standards through the application process, Family Day Orientation, duration of camp, to the going home process ceremony   and all were amazing and everything you proclaimed to be. Very rare. We've paid for camps for our kids before, and none,   ever, have possessed the high caliber of character that this STEAM crew of leaders carried within themselves. CEO, directors, counselors,   teachers,chefs, maintenance, and the rest of everyone who put this amazing journey together for our son and so many others..THANK   YOU!! What you gave was absolutely sensational! Many thanks and Keep Doing The Great Work!

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