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Looking Forward with STEM

Indira Everett, Duke Energy’s District Manager for Orange, Durham, Chatham and Lee counties, presents a $2500.00 grant to Global Health Connections International (GHCI) to support the "Looking Forward with STEM Program" at James E. Shepard International Baccalaureate Middle School, Durham, North Carolina. Accepting this grant with the students from left to right, Indira Everett, Micah Copeland - Principal, E. Rick Copeland - President, GHCI and Dolores Paylor, Instructional Facilitator at James E. Shepard I.B. Middle School.  

During the grant presentation, Indira Everett stated," At Duke Energy, we are committed to closing the achievement gap and supporting innovative STEM programs like Looking Forward with STEM for our young people." In accepting the generous donation, E. Rick Copeland stated, "Exposure is critical to one's success. Our programs open students' minds to what can happen when one dreams and prepares! We meet students where they are and take routine activities like baking a waffle and make it a STEM team contest." 


GHCI and James E. Shepard I.B. Middle School partnership began in 2011. Students have met aviators, entrepreneurs, software and game designers, physicians, veterinarians, an astronaut, logistics engineers, industrial engineers, biomedical researchers, agronomist, and many other STEM business professionals.


GHCI "Looking Forward with STEM" and "Knowledge is Power" programs, offer unique STEM learning opportunities for students. 


With North Carolina Central University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students serving as tutors and mentors, Shepard students will be provided several STEM learning tools for their personal toolkit. 


By the end of the school year, middle school students will: 


- Improve their reading, math and science skills

- Understand the importance of preparation and consistency over time

- Engage in team building exercises and truly believe in teamwork

- Believe If They Can, They Can. Also dream BIG!!! 

- Work collaboratively using the Engineering Design Process 

- Engage with STEM professionals who look like them for mentoring opportunities


To date, GHCI STEM programs have reached over 1700 students at James E. Shepard I.B. Middle School. Both Principal Copeland and Dr. Paylor indicated, "At Shepard, we are blessed to have such a long term partnership with GHCI. The students have greatly benefited from the programs and the exposure. It is more than educational enrichment, it is Life Skills 101."   For more information about GHCI, please or call 919.931.6019

Looking Forward with STEM is a mentoring and tutoring program that encourages minority students in middle schools to embrace the challenges of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum. By leveraging the experiences of student interns who have participated in STEM programs, coupled with our extensive professional network, we’re able to share examples of how STEM impacts lives "glocally" - local actions with global reach. 

Through GHCI’s Looking Forward “Knowledge Is Power” series, we are illuminating the possibilities of STEM related careers in the minds of students at Shepard International Baccalaureate Middle School.

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