Dear Community, 


We trust that you and your family are safe. COVID-19 and its variants continue to wreak havoc on our communities. The past 24 months, over 950,000 citizens lost their fight against the dreaded Coronavirus. Each of us knows someone who has no longer with us on this Earth.

Our education system, businesses, families, churches, communities, sporting events, summer camps, every facet of our lives struggles to find normalcy. We have decided that Global Health Connections International (GHCI) will not host its 2022 SUMMER STEAM Residential Camp. 


What we will do is offer several activities to engage students this spring and summer. We have partnered with GameFlo, an education technology company revolutionizing the way kids learn how to work with data and think strategically through a game-based approach. It has worked with students across the US in various game-based workshops with a culturally relevant lens.  

We must continue to nurture our young scholars. We must continue to provide them and expose those with MORE tools to become successful STEAM professionals. On April 23rd at 10AM, we have partnered with the US Navy, United Parcel Service and Junior Achievement of Eastern North Carolina for a STEM FLY-IN at Raleigh Durham Airport. Come and visit with us and meet the two pilots who will fly the F/18 Super Hornet into RDU.

GHCI remains committed to supporting programs that focus on increasing underserved communities access to technology to prepare them for success in a digital world.

In summation, nobody said this life would be easy. For we know, together, we can achieve much with each other. The journey ahead is filled with much promise. With much anticipated excitement, we are preparing for that journey to meet the needs of our young scholars! Stay Safe and Stay Connected. We can do hard things together! 

Sincerely Yours, 

E. Rick Copeland


Global Health Connections International is a 501 c3 organization