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From the Founder's Desk

                                                      P. O. BOX 80234    RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA 27623 . HQ: 919.931.6019  FAX: 919.882.1160

As President/CEO of Global Health Connections International, it is an honor to represent an organization that creates STEAM experiential learning opportunities for students. For the past 9 years, whether working to find global service learning opportunities for university students or providing weekly academic support to middle school students for science and math courses, we believe exposure is the key. You can be what you see. For the past five years, with the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp (2015-2017) and now our own GHCI SUMMER STEAM CAMP, at the very core of our activities is    Luke 6:38: “The measure you give will be the measure you get back.” We all have a role to play to make our world a better place for all to thrive and to reach their full potential.

​During my travels to developing countries, I witnessed nannies caring for orphans, babies receiving immunizations, patients being treated at HIV/AIDS clinics, and farmers learning how to increase agricultural yields and supply chain efficiencies. I  visited villagers in need of safe drinking water, affordable housing, and infants suffering from malaria. Having visited five of seven continents, I was impressed with the number of people who are providing sustainable solutions to end global poverty and health disparities. 

But what I also found, was that the population providing solutions was not as diverse as the population being served. While it is critically important that we address the need for more minority STEAM professionals working in global health fields; we must first prepare minority students with the basic building blocks of reading, math and science, as well as experiential learning during their middle school years. We must also equip them with the soft skills to navigate life. This triadic model provides a solid foundation for the rigors of future science and math coursework that could lead to exciting global health and STEAM careers. By partnering with universities and community organizations, GHCI has developed activities that: 

  1. Provide extended and in school math and science academic support to a selected cohort of students in a nurturing environment.

  2. Encourage learning with Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) activities that show the relevance of STEAM to everyday life.

  3. Develop a global STEAM network of professionals to mentor the next cadre of minority professionals. 

In the words of esteemed scientist Dr. George Washington Carver, “How far we go in life depends on our being tender with         the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong, because        some day in life, you will have been all of these."                                                                                                                 

Here’s to building the pipeline for the next generation of global STEAM and health professionals. Thanks for all your support!

Warmest Regards,

E. Rick Copeland

President & CEO
Global Health Connections International (GHCI)
















                                                             Global Health Connections International (GHCI) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

(L to R): Auma Obama (Kenya), 
Ida Odinger (Wife of Kenya's Prime Minister) Sia Nyama Koroma (First Lady of Sierra Leone)

GHCI Summer STEAM Camp Participants

Students Cooking with STEAM 

Captain Dean Hall US Air Force pilot visits James E. Shepard Middle School..for GHCI                      Knowledge is Power Program

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