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Reflections from a former camper, now Junior Counselor

Being accepted into the ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp at North Carolina Central University in 2015 was an experience that I will treasure forever. I went into the program scared but ready for new encounters. During this camp, my mindset transformed and I matured over the course of the 2 weeks. Prior to the camp I wasn't certain if I wanted to go into the field of STEM, but I soon recognized during the camp that it was the path for me. I was exposed to careers in STEM, great colleges, and went

on field trips furthering my interest in STEM. I was also taught to strive for excellence, and will continue to do so, so that other opportunities like so are placed upon me.

This camp also prepared me for actual life in college. I became responsible for going to bed, waking up, and getting myself ready. I was presented with various food options but I had to select options that were healthy as well. I watched as people became dehydrated and that motivated me even more to drink water and eat fruit and vegetables. One of the biggest challenges for me was being separated from my family. Being limited to talking to my family for a couple minutes once a week was hard but it taught me independent, so I am grateful. In this program, we were often placed in groups and given assignments. These hands-on activities gave me a greater understanding and helped me with my critical thinking. I also made friends who also wanted to be something in life and I continue to talk to some of them frequently. I am thankful for this science camp!

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